give or take micro jobs

Be PAID immediately after each job is confirmed as completed. Giver defines WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, and job BUDGET. Taker, selected by Giver, begins the job and when claimed by both parties as DONE/DONE, payment is released to TAKER, followed by mutual RATING. It's about REPUTATION & quality of work without all the useless haggling and bidding!















What is most important at POTWORKA?

REPUTATION. When you do your best to offer good micro jobs and deliver superb quality work as Givers and Takers respectively, your rating improves and you earn more money and opportunities. That’s what’s most important important!

Can I really earn money?

YES, if you are a job Taker and get selected by a Giver to complete any Job, so that a Giver notifies the specific Job has been “done” satisfactorily, your reputation grows and you get paid the same minute. Try it to believe it!

Can I switch between Giver and Taker roles?

SURE, its the DNA of POTWORKA ecosystem! People who can give or take as many jobs as needed. As a Giver you support Takers to finish jobs and release payment when satisfied, and as Taker you do your best to complete each job to the satisfaction of each respective Giver. That’s it!

What if do not like a Takers?

NO PROBLEM. As Giver you are the Boss and before you allow any job to begin you can evaluate as many Taker requests and profiles as you like for an unlimited-time, and in the event you are unable to fill the job you may cancel the open job without paying anything. No strings attached!

Can I bid for jobs on POTWORKA?

HELL NO! We believe people are tired of all the haggling, bidding and negotiating between different offers. You are free to Take jobs and place your energy into working for Givers, not on submitting and negotiating offers or proposals.

When is my money paid to Taker?

NOBODY touches your money till each job is claimed DONE by a Taker and verified DONE by you the Giver. Givers set pre-approved job “Budget” amounts are ONLY released from PayPal escrow upon verified completion of each job, by YOU. Absolutely no deposit and or transfers of your money are required up-front!

Do I need a PayPal account?

YES, at this time you can use POTWORKA only with a valid PayPal account and because it is just our first payment system, we will add more payment systems in the near future. Be aware that each POTWORKA account needs a unique PayPal account, and of course you cannot give or take from yourself :)

Is my PayPal and personal private information secured?

ABSOLUTELY! No matter if you act as Giver or Taker your personal data are secured and never revealed to job counter-parties, ever. POTWORKA is your exclusive Agent for all jobs and monetary transfer operations. PayPal not allowed us to hide your PayPal accounts so they are visible only between Giver and Taker on a paid job and we work to change this to provide you 100% privacy.

Can I cancel a job “in-progress”?

YES, but if you do you will be assessed a penalty rating and your profile rating can be negatively impacted for each in-progress Giver cancellation or Taker escape (see Terms and Conditions)

What do I have to worry about?

NOTHING! Because if you play fair and your work quality is good you will continue to enjoy and benefit from using POTWORKA. Reputations, performance and fulfillment are closely monitored within the platform. Those who do not perform well will accumulate negative ratings quickly and be removed from the game.

Why we created POTWORKA?

WE BELIEVE finding work and buying services should be as simple as riding a bike. POTWORKA CHANGES the way people give and take Micro-Jobs. Help us to make finding work simple and easy for everybody and become an early adopter of POTWORKA. Be part of the fun, become part of the CHANGE!

Can I work for POTWORKA?

YES. If you love POTWORKA and have a high performance rating you can rise to become a Micro Job Community Agent / Manager with responsibility for exclusive local territories and potential to earn unlimited income working remotely and with flexible time demands (click to learn more). Let's live new Workification experience!